Ferry Port ATS is an integrated system for ferry port management, a combination of Automatic Vehicle Classification System (AVC), ticketing system and manifest.

At Toll Plaza

The systems classified the vehicle automatically when the vehicle enters the toll booths.

Before reaching the toll booth, vehicle will pass through sensors that will identify vehicle profile, and the system will automatically calculate and classified the vehicle. When reaching the toll booth, the system automatically prints: vehicle classification, fare, time stamp, etc.

At Ferry Dock

Before entering the ferry, the driver must enter the ticket into the ticket dispenser located at ferry dock.

Ferry Port ATS:

  • Reduce transaction time at toll booth
  • Accurate classification
  • Minimize fraud
  • Real time revenue monitoring
  • Accurate manifest

The Technology

Using the latest laser scanner technology (LiDAR) UXM-30LX-EW by HOKUYO

Combine with sensor array to maintain the level of accuracy

Secure system with encrypted databases

Vehicle profile:

  • Length
  • Height
  • Vehicle type: truck or passenger

System Elements

  • AVC controller
  • Laser range finder (LiDAR) HOKUYO UXM-30LX-EW
  • Sensor array
  • Loop sensor
  • Front camera
  • Ticket dispenser
  • RFID (card and reader)


  • ATS core application
  • AVC application
  • LiDAR data processing
  • Sensors interface
  • Toll booth application
  • Ticket dispenser application
  • Dashboard monitoring

The classification of vehicle is fully customize, it's up to customer how to classify. Some customers classify based on number of axle and wheels, others preferred to classify based on dimension, or even to distinguish between passenger vehicles and trucks.

The system has design with the principle of confidentiality, integrity and availability, such as encrypted databases, multi-level access right, algorithm clarification, etc. This system can be used for Ferry Port Authority and Toll Road Operator.